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Foam Insulation Factory Outlet

We sell recycled and factory second foam insulation.

We also have polyisocyanurate foam (polyiso).  This is also known as urethane foam and is called Tuff R, Energy Shield, Thermax and other trademarked names.  It is usually rated R6-7.2 per inch of thickness and can be 4'x3', 4'x4' or 4'x8' sheets.

AND, if that is not enough, we might have odd sizes and thicknesses, including tapered foam.  Tapered foam has a uniform taper and is generally polyiso foam in a 4'x4' sheet.

We do not have extruded polystyrene foam (XPS).  This is also known as blueboard, but it can also be pink, green or gray (different manufacturers have trademarked the colors).  It is rated at R-5.0 per inch of thickness.

All these foams can be used underneath slabs, but generally, XPS and Polyiso are used.

There has been a lot of price increases in plastic foam insulation during the past two years.  We have been struggling to deliver the best material at the lowest prices.  We do not dicker on price.  You are getting the lowest price possible that allows us to stay in business and still offer you the service and information that you need.

Ask about less expensive odd material; sometimes it is available, sometimes not.

We've Moved (Again)!

The Foam Insulation Factory Outlet is now being run by American Solartechnics.

423 E. Main Street

Searsport, ME

We're in the tallest building, behind Coastal Steel and next to O'Donovan and Dole Traditional Wooden Boatworks

Phone: 888-866-8970

Please call for our stock and hours!