about our guests
prof. dick hill

Hot and Cold has been on the radio for 20 years.  We started on Sunday mornings on WZON 620 AM when they were a talk radio station.  It was (and still is) a 5,000 watt AM radio station that was a lot of fun to work in.  There were constant equipment failures, not the least of which was a phone interview with Sen. George Mitchell, where we were disconnected about five times--quite embarrassing, but he kept calling back.

About 15 years ago, we started the Hot and Cold TV program.

We produce the TV show with a Sony HC1 High Definition Camcorder.  We use a professional videographer, Nunzio (not his real name, he's in the Witness Protection Program for videographers).  The program is edited on Final Cut Pro HD and we are presently producing everything in high definition!

We choose our programs based on when Nunzio and I can get together.  Timing is always difficult since we both have a lot of other activities that pull us in different directions.  We tell you this since we get many offers to produce TV programs at your home or project.  This is usually not possible given these restraints, though we do appreciate the consideration.

We always try to choose projects that are of current interest, that will show new materials or technologies that we feel you should know about.

Both Dick and myself refer to Joe Lstiburek (not a typo) as our building science guru.  We do not agree with everything he says, but he can back up whatever he reports and we like his style.  You can see that he is on the same page as we are. Check him out at www.buildingscience.com --read everything, there is a lot there.  This is required reading for any builder!!!